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Water Damage Restoration - Part 2 - When to Call a Professional - Escarosa

when to call a professional

Your home has water damage, and you’re trying to figure out what to do. You’ve already read our last blog in the “water damage” series – A Complete Guide to Water Damage Restoration – Part 1 – and now you’re wondering how to know when it’s time to call a professional restoration company.

You’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, the second part of our “water damage” series, we’re going to discuss how to know when water damage is too extensive to DIY, and when you should call in the pros.

Whether your water damage came from flooding, burst or broken pipes, or an overflowed sink or bathtub, this blog is for you.

Let’s dive in.

7 Signs You Need to Call a Water Damage Professional

Water damage can range from minimal (the bathtub overflows, and you clean up the floor right away) to extensive (a pipe freezes and bursts, flooding your home).

While some water damage cleanups can definitely be DIY jobs, others require the skill and expertise of a professional.

In addition to having the equipment needed to clean up water damage quickly and completely, water damage restoration experts also know how to spot sneaky leaks and identify and resolve problems, so they don’t cause another leak again in the future.

Here are 7 signs it’s time to call in the big guns for water extraction and more:

1. You see mold

After water leaks, mold and mildew can start to grow in as little as 24-48 hours. And, when it does, it can cause all sorts of health problems – from new or worsening asthma symptoms to seizures.

If you see, smell (it smells musty and damp, like laundry left in the washer too long), or even suspect mold, call a restoration company right away. The team will be able to confirm mold is present, and provide mold removal services, making your home healthy once more.

2. Your paint is bubbling or cracking

You thought the water damage was all resolved and cleaned up, but then you noticed that the paint on your walls is bubbling and cracking in a strange way.

If there’s a leak or unresolved water damage behind your wall, it damages the surface of paint, causing it to blister, peel or crack.

This is a sure sign you need to call a restoration company right away. Left untreated, this leak could get worse, damaging your drywall and leading to toxic mold growth in your home.

3. Your floor feels warped

If you notice that your flooring feels warped, buckled, or uneven, it may indicate water damage underneath the flooring or floor joists. To prevent further damage and keep your home safe, contact a water damage restoration company immediately.

They’ll arrive at your home to inspect your subfloor for leaks before water begins to seep up through your floorboards, tiles, or other flooring material.

4. There’s still water pooling

You thought you cleaned up the water and identified the source of the leak, but then you find a pool or puddle of water in your home again. If something is leaking or dripping, the water will pool and accumulate.

If it returns after you clean it up, you’ve got a problem on your hands. Contact a restoration company for help identifying the leak and stopping it once and for all.

5. Your pipes are making strange sounds

In most cases, you can see, smell, and hear water damage. If you notice banging, clunking, or rumbling in your pipes, or if you hear water rushing or dripping behind your walls, it’s a sign you should call a restoration company.

While some sources of water damage are obvious, others hide behind walls and beneath floors, where they’re difficult to spot or stop. With this in mind, pay attention to any new sounds or symptoms in your home’s plumbing.

6. You see water stains

If you notice staining, streaking, discoloration, or dark patches on your ceiling, drywall, or the sides of your home’s exterior, it’s a big red flag for flood damage.

Dirty water contains contaminants that linger on hard surfaces after the water has flowed down them. With this in mind, contact a restoration company to evaluate any discoloration or staining you notice in your home. You may have a leak you weren’t aware of and can’t stop on your own.

7.  Your home feels cold

If your home is very hard to heat in the wintertime, it could be because there’s lingering dampness in the walls or building materials. In addition to making your home uncomfortable, damp walls or building materials can cause your utility bills to skyrocket and compromise your home’s insulation.

With this in mind, contact a restoration company to check for leaks and treat them if they exist.

Professional Restoration Services is the Best Option for Extensive Water Damage

When water damage strikes your home, the last thing you want to do is navigate it alone. The causes of water damage can be extensive and confusing, and it’s tough to resolve it on your own.

The moral of the story? When in doubt, call a professional water damage restoration company.

If you’ve suffered water damage, contact the team of professionals at Escarosa Cleaning and Restoration. As a Pensacola, Florida restoration company, we provide water damage repair and restoration services to customers like you every day, and we have the skills, equipment, and expertise needed to restore your home to like-new condition.

Regardless of whether your water damage was severe or minimal, we’ll inspect your property, make sure there are no other hidden leaks, and repair the damage that already exists. The result is peace of mind for you and a home that feels safe, comfortable, and livable once more.