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Upholstery Cleaning

The upholstery on our furniture puts up with a heavy amount of exposure to dirt, body oil , dander, pollen, pet hair and other organic soil. The upholstery cleaning experts at Escarosa will meet or exceed your expectations, and can handle all of your fabric cleaning needs.

Our technicians are extensively trained to perform safe and effective cleaning of all types of fine textiles. In order to achieve superior cleaning results, we do fiber identification tests to make sure we are using the appropriate cleaning process for your upholstery. A pre vac for dry soil removal is performed followed by a low moisture cleaning process, your upholstery will often be dry by the time our technician leaves your home. We also provide fabric protector to protect from staining and keep your furniture looking beautiful.

Area and Oriental Rugs

We also provide expert cleaning services for area and oriental rugs. If you have rugs that you want to last and maintain their original beauty, it’s important to take special care to maximize their life.

We make sure that your rugs are handled carefully and are only cleaned by trained specialists. Our gentle cold water cleaning process is simple, thorough and effective. When your rug is ready to dry, it is placed in our climate controlled dry room overnight. This will prevent colors from running and preserve it from water damage or rotting.

To maintain your rug’s newly restored appearance, we offer area rug stain protection. This will keep your rug looking newer, longer with a protective shield around each fiber. This helps repel liquid spills and prolongs the life of your rug. The process is safe for your family and pets and will make your rug easier to care for.

Mattress Cleaning

Most of us spend about a third of our lives in our beds. Shouldn’t they be as clean as possible? While not all stubborn stains can be removed, there are other sanitary issues that can be successfully treated.

Whether you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, asthma, itchy skin, or respiratory illness, the cause may be, at least in part, a soiled mattress and/or dust mites or bedbugs. Regular cleaning your mattress can help minimize symptoms.

Have you ever had your mattress professionally steam cleaned? Our mattress cleaning service can remove soiling and sanitize the surface of your mattress.

No matter what the source is of your odor or stains, call Escarosa Cleaning and Restoration today at (850) 432-6060. We can schedule a cleaning that will help clear the air in your home.