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New Construction Mold Protection


Protect your New Home with our microbial coating protection! Exclusive 50 year warranty We are a certified Anabec (DC90) Applicator.

If you are involved in new construction, you know that it can be openly exposed to the elements for quite some time before the building is completed. If unchecked, this can lead to a significant mold problem before the building is even ready for its inhabitants.

Mold growth in new construction not only puts homeowners at risk of mold exposure and potential health problems, but it can threaten the structural integrity of the building, exposing builders to litigation and financial loss.

The best way to avoid mold growth in new construction is when the builder implements proper design and construction practices that prevent building products from being exposed to water or moisture. It’s very difficult to avoid ALL moisture in the building process. Why gamble when you can have complete protection – guaranteed! With the application of our microbial barriers, your home can be protected for years to come and give you the peace of mind knowing that you have protection in place against hidden mold.

Simply put, as long as you have moisture and oxygen present, there is a mold risk. It is crucial to make sure that all mold-susceptible materials in a new construction project is mold-free before hanging drywall.

Once we clean any visible mold growth, we apply a microbial barrier to the studs, trusses, floor joist, etc. before the interior finishes are added (sheetrock, cabinets flooring). By doing this, we can provide a 50-year transferable warranty for microbial growth on treated surfaces.

Whether you need your construction site to be inspected to see if mold is present before the project is completed, or you are already seeing signs of growth and need it removed, or looking to protect your home and family from potential mold growth, the licensed mold experts at Escarosa Cleaning and Restoration can assess your situation and get the results you need.

We can remove mold from any residential or commercial structure. Just as importantly, our 50-year warranty on new construction and 30-year warranty on an existing structure guarantees your property will be mold-free for many years to come.

Don’t let mold put your new construction project at risk. Call us today at (850) 432-6060.