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Vacuuming Tips for a Clean, Beautiful Carpet - Escarosa

Using vacuuming tips to get really clean carpets

Keeping your carpet clean with these vacuuming tips can seriously extend the life of your carpets and your vacuum.

As we’ve discussed before, maintaining your carpets can help to keep your home clean and healthy. However, not everyone gets the most out of the time they spend on this chore. By following these vacuuming tips, you can ensure that your carpets are clean and will last for many years.

Minimize the Mess

Dirt that gets tracked onto your carpet not only looks bad, it can seriously affect the lifespan of your carpet. When dirt and other debris settles deep into your carpet, it can damage the fibers and backing. By limiting the amount of dirt that is tracked into carpeted areas, you can keep this damage to a minimum.

Shoes Off!

Asking your family and visitors to remove their shoes when entering your home can make a huge difference in keeping dirt out of your carpets. To make this easier, we suggest adding a storage bench in entryways where guests can sit to remove their shoes and keep them organized for retrieval when they head out again.

Trap the Dirt

Another way to keep dirt out of your carpeting is to use small area rugs or mats at your entryways. These can act as a trap to gather and hold any dirt brought in on shoes, preventing it from spreading into the rest of your home. These small rugs can be brought outside and shaken or beat to remove the accumulated dirt on a regular basis.

Vacuuming Tips to Clean Like a Pro

Getting your carpets clean with a vacuum involves more than just turning it on and pushing it across your floor. To get the most out of your time, use the right methods and attachments.

Use the Right Vacuum, the Right Way

There are hundreds of models of household vacuums available from manufactures. By choosing one that has a good balance of power and features, you can ensure that the time you spend cleaning your carpets is effective and efficient. Consumer Reports releases yearly lists of the best machines based on several different criteria.

Once you select the vacuum that best fits your needs and budget, follow these tips to get your carpet as clean as it can be:

  • Set the height of your vacuum to match the pile of your carpeting.
    • The rotating brush should be contacting the carpet fibers without getting bogged down. If you are having a hard time moving the vacuum across your carpet, it is probably set too low. If it moves easily but is leaving dirt behind, it is probably too high.
  • Use the right attachments in each area.
    • The long, narrow attachment is perfect for getting under heavy furniture or appliances. Use the round brush for cleaning blinds, steps, and other unusually shaped or delicate surfaces. The larger brush attachment is perfect for flat areas like mattresses and upholstered seat cushions.
  • Clear the area of items that could damage your vacuum.
    • Rather than simply sucking up small items like coins or toys, take a few minutes to inspect your room and pick up any obstacles. This simple step can avoid damage to your vacuum and its moving parts like the brush head and motors.
  • Go over all areas more than once.
    • While you might instinctively spend more time on areas that look the dirtiest, it is good practice to make multiple passes over all areas of your carpet. This will allow you to get the most dirt possible out of the carpet fibers.
  • Don’t overfill your vacuum.
    • Whether your vacuum uses bags or traps dirt in a canister, the fuller it gets the less efficient it becomes. If you notice the performance dropping or changes in the sounds your vacuum makes, try emptying the bag or canister. In rooms that see a lot of traffic, this may need to be done several times while vacuuming.

Schedule a Yearly Deep Cleaning from Escarosa Cleaning and Restoration

By following these vacuuming tips, you can minimize the time you spend cleaning and maximize the effectiveness of your efforts. Of course, every carpet can benefit from a yearly deep cleaning with professional equipment and techniques.

When the above vacuuming tips are giving you less than satisfactory results, call Escarosa Cleaning and Restoration in Pensacola FL. We can return your carpet to like-new condition, and you can get back to simply loving your carpet.