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Clean Carpets Improve Indoor Air Quality in Pensacola FL

Child sneezing because of allergies caused by poor Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the state of your carpet can have a huge impact on the indoor air quality in your home? Despite commonly held misperceptions, a professionally cleaned carpet can actually reduce the amount of irritants in the air inside your home.

Scientific studies have shown that by trapping dust and other allergens, carpeting can act like a sponge by trapping and holding onto dirt and dander. This can prevent the microscopic particles from circulating in your home. However, this effect only works if your carpet is properly maintained through regular deep cleaning with professional equipment and techniques.

When is the Right Time to Professionally Clean Your Carpets?

We see a lot of different situations where the need for a professional deep cleaning of carpets is visibly obvious. For example, we have helped out parents whose young children thought it would be fun to use mommy’s nail polish to brighten up the new living room. We also get many calls from new dog owners who had more trouble than they anticipated with house training.

However, it is not always as obvious when your carpet has started to reduce the indoor air quality in your home. Even a carpet that looks clean to the naked eye can hold huge amounts of allergens deep within your carpet’s fibers. Without regular, professional deep cleaning, carpets can become breeding grounds for dust mites and mold, contributing even more allergens to the air in your home.

While a new or freshly cleaned carpet will hold onto dust and keep it out of the air, simply walking across a dirty carpet can pump dust back into the air. To prevent this, carpet should be professionally deep cleaned at least once a year in low-to-medium traffic areas. High traffic areas will require even more frequent deep cleaning to remove the build up of allergens.

Protect Your Indoor Air Quality

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification has worked closely with carpet manufacturers and health care professionals to develop carpet care recommendations. The IICRC has a list of tips to improve indoor air quality that outlines several techniques homeowners can use to keep airborne pollutants to a minimum.

Using mats at entry ways, vacuuming frequently in high-traffic areas, and using good air filters in HVAC systems all help to reduce the amount of allergens in your home. However, these techniques cannot reach the deeply embedded particles that build up in carpets.

To remove theses irritants from your home, our technicians are trained and certified in effective deep cleaning techniques and use professional-grade equipment. Escarosa Cleaning and Restoration also uses non-toxic cleaning products that are approved by all major carpet manufacturers.

Protect Your Family, Protect Your Carpets

Call the Pensacola Carpet Cleaning specialists at Escarosa Cleaning and Restoration  to preserve the indoor air quality in your home. We will keep your carpets looking, feeling and working like new so you can breathe easy.