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Rental Home Cleaning Attracts the Perfect Tenant - Escarosa

Attract the perfect tenant by through rental home cleaning and inspections

Before taking steps to find the perfect tenant, it’s important to define what the perfect tenant means to you. Most likely, you’re looking for a tenant who will be clean, quiet, respectful of others and able to pay rent on time. To increase your chances of attracting this tenant, make sure perform a thorough rental home cleaning, repair any damages, and test all the appliances and systems. With these tips and professional cleaning services from Escarosa Cleaning and Restoration, you’ll have your best shot at finding that perfect tenant!

How to Attract the Perfect Tenant: Three Tips

Repair Any Damage to the Property

You already know what you want in an ideal tenant. To find one, start by making your property live up to their expectations by repairing damages and performing a thorough rental home cleaning. Inspect the property carefully for any holes in the walls, doors that don’t fully close, windows that don’t open smoothly or any other issues.

What may seem inconsequential to you could be a deal breaker for that perfect renter. If something seems to be a minor issue, that’s all the more reason to spend the short time needed to fix it!

Test All of the Electrical and Plumbing Fixtures

If your property has electrical or plumbing problems, it’s much better find out about them before you have a tenant in place. It will be quicker, easier and cheaper for the electrician or plumber to make repairs if there are no furniture items in place or occupants’ schedules to work around.

A dripping faucet or malfunctioning toilet are not only annoying, they end up costing money and indicate a general lack of proper maintenance. Chances are the perfect tenant you’re hoping to land will spot these problems and move on to view the next property.

Rental Home Cleaning

Making sure the property is absolutely spotless is your next step after repairing damage and fixing other issues. Rental home cleaning is the most visually apparent way to let potential tenants know you care about your property. Additionally, it shows that you care about your tenants. Some things to make sure are cleaned include:

The Walls

Cooking smells, dust and pet dander can stick to the surface of the walls. Washing the walls thoroughly will remove this debris and leave the space smelling fresh and clean.

The Bathrooms

Getting a ready-to-move-in bathroom requires more than giving the surfaces a once-over. If there are stains on the toilet seats, replace them. If the grout is discolored, have it cleaned and resealed. Make no mistake, a dirty bathroom is a definite deal breaker for your perfect tenant.

The Kitchen

For most people, the kitchen is the hub of their home and sees a lot of wear and tear. To make it as appealing as possible, make sure the refrigerator is cleaned thoroughly and there are no lingering odors. This advice goes for the stovetop and oven as well. Even an older range can be made to look great when it’s completely clean.

The HVAC Vents

Over a relatively short amount of time, dust can accumulate in your HVAC system’s ductwork and blow out the vents. If it’s been a while since they were last cleaned, hire a professional to come in and clean them. For most rental properties, this should be done every three to five years.

Of course, if you’re on a budget, you can clean most of these items yourself. However, professional-grade equipment in the hands of an experienced technician will usually do the job faster and with better results.

Call Us to Clean the Carpets!

While small spills and spots can be cleaned manually, the best way to get a deep-down clean is to hire a carpet cleaning professional. Pet dander and odors, cooking smells and years of dirt and dust don’t stand a chance against truck-mounted cleaning and extraction systems like the ones we use at Escarosa Cleaning and Restoration.