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Extend Your Carpet Lifespan | Escarosa Cleaning Pensacola FL

vacuum cleaning carpet after stain removal

If you have new (or relatively new) carpet, you not only want to keep it looking great, but extend its life as long as reasonably possible. Here are some of the most important ways to keep your carpet in great shape for many years to come.

Keep Dirt Outside

Keep dirt where it belongs… outside. There may be other cultures where it is more prevalent to remove shoes when entering a home, but it is certainly not unusual here in the U.S. Besides being a courteous gesture when you are a guest in someone’s home, there are practical reasons to leave your shoes at the door.

It’s good for your health (especially if you are allergy-prone), plus minimizing the amount of dirt that makes it to your carpet will help the carpet last longer and simply look better.That’s because dirt and any other substance that you drag in from outside will wear down the fibers of your carpet as you press against it when walking on the carpet.

Regularly Vacuum

You may be keeping strict rules about taking shoes off at the door, but dirt and other substances still make their way to your carpet. Most people want to keep a tidy home. Even so, you might not be vacuuming enough. At the very least, you should vacuum your carpet once a week, though if you have pets and children, you may want to consider a more frequent routine.

Carpet contaminants aren’t always easily visible. Some particles, like pollen and dust mites, are out of site, deep inside your carpet’s fiber. That means you shouldn’t simply use the “eye test” to decide when you need to vacuum.

Move Furniture

Here is a tip that not only helps prolong the life of your carpet, but gives your room a fresh new look every so often. Consider moving your furniture around once or twice a year. This way, repeated foot traffic can be diverted to other areas of the room, preventing premature wear in your carpet. It also helps limit furniture unsightly indentations.

Use Professional Carpet Cleaning

Besides the inherent convenience that comes with hiring a professional carpet cleaning service, and the fact that they will be bringing better equipment, materials and expertise to the table, carpet warranties usually require professional cleaning every so often (usually not more than every 18 months). Most carpet manufacturers require carpet to be cleaned by IICRC trained technicians. If you have a warranty, check out the terms, and plan accordingly.


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