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Eliminate Pet Odor and Stains with Professional Carpet Cleaning

eliminate pet odor and stains with professional carpet cleaning

Americans love their pets! Dogs, cats, birds, you name it, about six in 10 households in the United States count a pet as a bona-fide member of their family. But you never see them picking up after their own messes. Thankfully, you can eliminate pet odor and stains with professional carpet cleaning. After all, evicting Rover remains out of the question.

Eliminate Pet Odor and Stains with Professional Carpet Cleaning

Did you know more households in the United States have pets than children? Your pets love you no matter what. Plus, they decrease your blood pressure, depression and provide other positive health-related impacts.

But these loyal companions can wreak havoc on your carpets. They pee, poop, shed dander and hair, track mud, dirt and water, vomit, drool, and love to roll on dead bugs, rotten garbage and a whole host of other stinky, unimaginable things.

To keep your carpets looking like new, many carpet and flooring experts recommend every six months homeowners eliminate pet odor and stains with professional carpet cleaning. This lengthens the life of your carpet. More importantly, it can save you money, too. Clean carpets ensure you earn the deposit back on your apartment, can sell your house for top dollar, or simply avoid ripping out and replacing your carpet. 

Let’s take a look at the top pets Americans own — dogs, cats and birds — and the best cleaning treatments for both them and your carpets.

Man’s Best Friend — Dogs

An estimated 74.8 million dogs populate the United States, according to an American Pet Products Manufacturer’s Association (APPMA) survey. Americans love these loyal, protective creatures like their own family.

While not the top offender, pet urine is king when it comes to mishaps. The pros at Escarosa Cleaning and Restoration point out it can be cleaned easily right away when it remains acidic. However, left untreated the urine causes permanent dye loss and staining.

Another reason to eliminate pet odor and stains with professional carpet cleaning quickly? If it remains dirty for a long time it can become extremely difficult to remove. Even worse, left for weeks the soiled patch may require spending money to install new carpet.

So, in order to keep your home clean, healthy and smelling fresh, we recommend cleaning your carpets at least every six months.

Dealing with Cats

Cats number an estimated 88.3 million, the pet product manufacturer’s organization reports. They clean themselves and do their business in a litter box. This no-hassle pet makes them a popular choice. Plus, they feel so fluffy!

But sometimes your cat may urinate on your carpet. Feline urine can reach potent, unbearable levels. Again, attack these accidents quickly. Hire a professional to clean and sanitize your carpet — a quick, effective and affordable service.

Finally, clean your linens, clothing or drapes immediately of any cat urine. Wash them with detergents containing baking soda or enzymatic additives or get them dry-cleaned.

Be Careful Cleaning Around Birds

Believe it or not, birds rank as the third most popular pet in America. About 16.2 million cockatiels, parakeets, parrots and other birds serve as pets, finds the APPMA. While not really domesticated, birds still form bonds with their owners.

But unlike Rover or Fluffy, Polly reacts way more sensitively to carpet cleaning. Your feathered friend has no problem with you sweeping floors or vacuuming carpets, after it creates a mess that makes the disarray in your teenager’s room look clean.

The problem: Washing carpets. If you decide to eliminate pet odor and stains with professional carpet cleaning, you can irritate your pet birds. Because of this, it’s recommended you use environmentally safe, chemical free products while cleaning. For extra protection, bird owners should place their pet in another room until the room is aired out and the carpets become thoroughly dry.

Because of birds sensitivity, it’s also recommended to stay away from chemicals when cleaning cages, toys, perches, etc.  A mild dishwashing soap is a great option.

Need Expert Pet Carpet Cleaning Services, Call Escarosa!

We love our pets as much as you do! Our pet-friendly and certified carpet cleaners at Escarosa Cleaning and Restoration have the experience and know-how to eliminate pet odor and stainsCall us today for this or other carpet cleaning services you want done!