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Can My Carpet be Saved After a Flood? - Escarosa

can carpet be saved after a flood

During flooding, carpets can take a beating. Once the water recedes, many homeowners wonder if the carpet can be saved or if they have to replace everything. In this post, we’ll discuss how to identify a salvageable rug and when to call a restoration company.

Let’s dive in.

First Things First: Understand the 3 Different Types of Flooding

Not all floodwaters are created equal. Additionally, there’s a difference between flooding and floodwaters. Specifically, “floodwaters” come from outside the home, rise above ground-level, and enter the home. Floodwaters may contain sewage, oil, pesticides, and other contaminants. “Moisture intrusion” and flooding, meanwhile, may come from water inside the home (a burst pipe, for example).

With that in mind, here are the three main types of floodwaters and moisture intrusion:

Category One

Category one moisture intrusion comes from broken pipes or rainwater that has not mixed with sewage or other contaminants. In short, category one water originates from a sanitary water source and doesn’t pose a health threat to people.

If your carpet has been damaged by category one floodwater, it may be salvageable – as long as the carpet has not been wet for more than 48 hours. If the carpet has been saturated for more than 48 hours, it may degrade the textiles and padding. At that point, the carpet is more likely to require professional remediation.

Category Two

Category two moisture intrusion involves significant contamination and can cause illness if ingested. Examples include:

  • Washing machine and appliance overflows
  • Toilet overflows with no solid waste matter
  • Broken aquariums
  • And more

If your carpet is affected by category two moisture intrusion, the padding may need to be replaced. Fortunately, you may be able to save the carpet – as long as you treat the water damage within 48 hours.

Category Three

Category three floodwaters contain blackwater that is highly contaminated with pathogens or toxins and dangerous. This type of flooding includes:

  • Sewage overflow
  • Sump pump failures
  • Toilet backflows
  • Seawater, river, or stream flooding
  • Floodwaters from hurricanes, storms, or other weather-related events

If category three floodwaters saturated your carpet, a total replacement is recommended.

When to Call a Restoration Company

carpet be saved

Drying your wet carpet after a flood is critical!

If your carpet has been affected by flooding, you may be wondering whether to call a Pensacola restoration company or attempt to do it yourself. Here are a few simple guidelines:

When to DIY

If your carpet flooding is minimal and only involves category one water, you may be able to repair it on your own. If you can soak the water up and place fans to remove additional moisture, acting quickly may solve the problem.

However, if you have any doubt about your ability to DIY water extraction, call the pros right away. Better safe than sorry when it comes to flooding.

Size is another thing to keep in mind. If only a small section of the carpeting is wet, you can likely dry it on your own. If the water intrusion is near the wall or baseboards, though, the drywall above it will act like a sponge, pulling water up and into the wall. Even if the wall doesn’t feel wet to the touch, it is possible that it contains enough moisture to support mold growth. Be sure to call a property restoration company if you’ve experienced this.

When to Call the Pros

As a general rule, you should call a professional restoration company any time your flooding meets the following criteria:

  • Extensive
  • Involves category two or three waters
  • Has been sitting for more than 48 hours

While these situations can be complicated, it’s likely your carpet can be saved if you act quickly. Professional water extraction from a skilled restoration company can remove toxins and prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Can Your Carpet be Saved? Yes! Contact our Team

If you’ve experienced flooding, our team can provide the professional water extraction and carpet cleaning services you need. Don’t delay – contact us for rapid service.