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Avoid Stains this Holiday Season by Taking A Few Precautions

avoid stains this holiday

Holiday celebrations have arrived and that means good food, good drinks, good people and good times. Keep it that way by taking a few simple measures to avoid stains this holiday season on your carpet or furniture. You can strategically place area carpets or runners and stock up on the proper cleaning supplies in preparation. Keep that holiday spirit flowing by celebrating in a spotless house! 

Preparations for Holiday Celebrations

Everyone loves your annual Holiday Party except you. The dirt and mud! The wine spills! The oily food stains! Stay a step ahead of all those spills that could ruin your carpet and your good time. We have some cleaning recommendations to avoid stains this holiday season and keep those good times rolling. 

Place welcome mats outside and inside the entrance. This helps reduce dirt or mud from being tracked in and making your carpet look dingy.

Throw down area rugs or runners in strategic spots to catch any food or drink that spills. This keeps your carpet from taking the brunt.

Declutter those table tops and set up a strategic table or two. This gives your guests somewhere safe to set down their plate or wine glass.

Speaking of plates, provide them. It makes it a whole lot easier to eat that delicious meal and Grandma’s special apple pie. Napkins just cannot do the job when it comes to good cooking. 

Kids? We think setting up a table specifically for the kids can be fun for them and frankly, a relief for the host. Have fun things to play with and strategically placing the table on a hard, easy to clean surface (like tile or wood flooring) is a great plan.  Make sure it’s near the adults so you can monitor their activities and make them feel they’re included in the party.  

Thinking you’d like to have an extra level of care for your carpet and furniture? Call us ahead of time and we will apply a fabric protector to shield your sofa, favorite recliner, dining room chairs and high traffic areas on your carpet from potential stains. This protector helps when spills happen to bead up, making them easier to blot and preventing them from clinging to fabric and carpet fibers.

Cleaners to Keep on Hand

You could buy a lot of fancy cleaners from the store to fight those inevitable drips and dribbles. But the Carpet and Rug Institute™ recommends a clean cloth, sponge or brush used along with dishwashing liquid and tepid water. It mixes ¼ teaspoon dishwashing liquid with a cup of warm water to remove stains. 

It’s recommended that you blot with a clean, dry towel from inside of the stain to the outer edges. Avoid spreading the stain by rubbing or doing circular motions. After cleaning the stain, blot it again with cool water until it’s dry.

Avoid stains this holiday season by not saturating it or rubbing it, which could lead to damage to your carpet.

Oh no! Red Wine!

Don’t panic! Yes, red wine needs special attention, but it can be cleaned up. Tackle spilled wine quickly with a clean white cotton towel or paper towels to soak up it up first. Have a bottle of club soda on hand in your refrigerator. Lightly mist or blot the club soda over the stain to neutralize the red wine. Cover the stain with the clean rag or a clean paper towel. The next day use a mixture of equal parts hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and water to remove any sign of the red wine. 

Remove Tough Stains with Escarosa Cleaning and Restoration!

Got a tough holiday stain that refuses to come out? Or are you due for a regular carpet cleaning? You can call in professional reinforcements. Give the Escarosa Cleaning and Restoration experts a call today!